Soundon new energy technology
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Soundon New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is invested by China's leading environmental protection enterprise, Soundon group. It is a comprehensive service provider specializing in lithium energy R & D and production solutions. Soundon new energy is committed to the research and production of key materials, battery system, basic technology research and development, power battery innovation platform and other lithium energy. The company has covered lithium battery cathode materials and core production: battery management system (BMS), battery packaging (PACK), battery cloud platform research and development: Internet plus second-hand battery recycling, secondary battery cascade utilization, waste battery regeneration technology and other fields, forming a complete lithium battery ecological chain. The company's lithium battery products are widely used in pure electric passenger cars, pure electric commercial vehicles, pure electric special vehicles, smart grid, wind and solar energy storage, large UPS, base stations, high-end electric tools and other fields.

Soundon new energy is operated and managed by senior enterprise management experts, senior economists and other professionals; products and innovative technologies are researched and developed by senior engineers, doctors, masters and other technical elite teams; production is carried out by technicians and technicians who have received professional training; quality management teams led by quality experts who are trained to effectively control the whole production process according to the super performance indicators of the industry.