SAE Magnetics (HK) LTD
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SAE Magnetics (H.K.) LTD. (tube called SAE) was established in 1980 and became a wholly owned and independent company in Japan TDK group in 1986. Its main products are computer hard disk magnetic head, hard disk drive, optical communication connector, etc. the factories and offices are distributed in mainland China. Japan. The United States, Singapore, the Philippines, South Korea and other places.

Dongguan Xinke Electronics Co., Ltd. has more than 60 cold water engines in total. Due to production needs, the air conditioning cold water engine has a long-term operation time of more than 6000 hours.

Since 1989, several large-scale branches have been set up in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, including Xinke electronic factory, Xinke magnetoelectric products factory, Xinke video and audio products factory, and Chang'an Xinke electronic products factory. In 2000, SAE invested heavily in introducing world-class instruments and equipment from the United States, Japan, Germany and other countries, covering magnetic recording analysis, chemical analysis, surface analysis, material / product mechanical performance analysis and other fields. It established the largest professional science and technology experiment center in Southeast Asia, supporting the internal research of new science and technology, and opening up to the outside world to support the development needs of microelectronics industry. In Japan, the United States, Singapore, the Philippines, South Korea and other places have branches of SAE. Its main products include HSA / HGA, HDD, optical communication component, video tape recorder, DVD and TPH. With the development of read-write head technology becoming more and more intense, the research work of TMR, perpendicularity recording and MRAM has begun in Xinke.