Beijing Future Technology City
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Future Science and Technology City, located in Changping District, Beijing, officially started construction in July 2009. The total planned area is about 10 square kilometers, divided by Wenyu River and Dingsi Road, divided into the northern and southern areas, and the core green space between the two areas is 3.38 square kilometers. It is 2 kilometers from the North Sixth Ring Road in the north, 15 kilometers from the Capital International Airport in the east, 11 kilometers from the North Five Ring Road in the south, and 6 kilometers from Litang Road in the west.

According to the requirements of the park construction work plan adopted by the central enterprise centralized construction talent base preparation working group, combined with the park's 'innovation. Technology' city, 'open. Sharing' city, 'beauty. Vitality' city, 'low carbon. Energy saving' The planning concept of the city of 'Harmony and Ecology' (hereinafter referred to as the 'five cities') is planned to be built in about 3 years and has begun to take shape. By then, the future science and technology city will form 'one heart, two parks, dual core, 'Four Axis' ('One Heart' refers to the green space along the Wenyu River; 'Two Districts' refers to the North District and the South District; 'Dual Core' is the public service center supporting the park, with the south of Wenyu River as the core public service area and the north as the deputy Core area; 'Four axis' is the main spatial structure of ecological axis, industrial axis, leisure axis, cultural axis).

Planning and construction of a public service supporting facility system with a total construction area of nearly 3 million square meters, including headquarters office, high-quality office, creative office, four-star theme hotel, international five-star hotel, white-collar apartment, serviced apartment, mid-to-high-end residential residence, international comprehensive shopping Center, Science and Technology Fortune Forum, Sports Center, Library, Theater, Central Greenbelt Plaza, Well-known Public Schools, International Schools, Hospitals and Urban Rail Transit System.