Dalang fashion business center
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Dalang fashion business center is the most popular location in big wave. It is located in the area with obvious location advantages, outstanding strength of fashion industry, unique cultural resources and rich natural resources. In the future, Dalang fashion business center will be a good place to 'create, work, live and travel'. The government's supporting and social investment infrastructure investment will exceed 10 billion yuan. With the development goal of 'fashion Silicon Valley, ecological city', it will build a 'fashion industry center' and 'creative leisure destination'. The park is positioned as a fashion creative city, with fashion industry such as clothing, shoes and hats as the core industry, centering on the fashion core industry, supporting the development of Commerce, exhibition, publishing, media, headquarters and other extension industries. From the traditional clothing production base to the international fashion headquarters base with design, display, transaction and communication functions. At present, the park has gathered nearly 100 well-known clothing enterprises at home and abroad, including the brands of marsfield, Carleton, vancino, and gelith.

As the fashion industry base with the most original brands, the most complete industrial supporting facilities and the largest scale cluster in China, 22 internationally renowned fashion brand enterprises have been introduced. The park is divided into four functional areas according to the public service platform, corporate headquarters building, incubator and R & D center.

Zone A is an industrial functional area, which is the headquarters of 22 Nadi brand clothing enterprises, such as masfield, fashion shadow, zhonghuifu (fansinor), and carton. Block B is a commercial supporting area, which will provide more than 100000 people with life and business supporting services integrating catering, accommodation, entertainment and consumption. Zone C is the land for the headquarters Economic Zone, and facilities such as clothing R & D center, clothing college and small and medium-sized enterprise incubator will be built. Area D is the periphery of the base surrounded by the ecotourism area, which is an urban country park with a planning area of more than 2 square kilometers. Located in the middle of Dalang fashion creative park, masfield headquarters is an enterprise headquarters base invested by Shenzhen masfield Fashion Co., Ltd. in Dalang. The park building is rated as one of the most fashionable landmark buildings in the world by National Geographic magazine. The 120000 square meter building in the park will include a 50 room Boutique Hotel, solarium, bar and coffee shop, a 36 meter tower one point two five Ten thousand square meters of T platform, roof garden and parking lot with 200 parking spaces.