Yulan Grand Theatre
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Located on the west side of the central axis of the downtown plaza, Dongguan Yulan Grand Theatre is a landmark cultural building in Dongguan. It is designed by Carlos Ott, a world-famous theatre designer. It is adjacent to Hongfu road in the north, across the road from the municipal administrative center, conference building and exhibition hall. It is adjacent to the vast landscape plaza in the East, echoing the library; South through the artificial music lake and Youth Activity Center, connecting with the science and Technology Museum, it is a beautiful scenery line for the construction of the new area. Dongguan Yulan Grand Theatre has a unique and novel shape. It is equipped with a band lounge, a song and dance rehearsal hall, a landscape leisure area, etc. its stage lighting system, mechanical equipment and sound configuration have reached the international advanced and domestic first-class level.

The main building of Yulan Grand Theatre is like a flamenco dancing skirt flying on the administrative center square of Dongguan, interweaving the fragrant melody of Yulan, and harmonizing with the spirit of Dongguan. Its unique shape and ingenious integration with the surrounding environment play a huge role in promoting the cultural taste of Dongguan City and the realization of the goal of building a new cultural city in our city. It is proposed by Carlos Ott, a world-famous theatre designer from Canada. The Architectural Design Institute of Tongji University serves as the design general contractor. Dongguan Yulan Grand Theatre has a total investment of 618 million yuan, covering an area of 36010 square meters. It has a 1600 seat Grand Theatre and a 400 seat multi-functional experimental theatre. The Grand Theatre is equipped with a fully mechanized stage with smooth and reasonable process design, a dressing room for 250 actors at the same time, a music pool and a band lounge for 120 band performers of four control scale, It is also equipped with ballet, opera, choir rehearsal hall, high-end VIP Hall, exhibition hall, Chinese and Western restaurants, cafes, art malls and outdoor landscape leisure areas. Dongguan Yulan Grand Theatre is also equipped with an auxiliary building decorated according to the standard of three-star hotel, which can meet the accommodation of 200 performers and 170 employees of the Grand Theatre at the same time.