Wuhu Liansheng
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Liansheng International Business Plaza is located at the intersection of Zheshan middle road and Beijing East Road. Beijing East Road is the administrative and financial center of Wuhu City. Wuhu Municipal government, Jinghu District government, Finance Bureau, court, ICBC Wuhu Branch, radio and television center and other administrative and financial units are numerous. As a link between the East and the west, Liansheng International Business Plaza is only 500m away from the railway station and the bus station. It joins the railway station and the bus station Flow, business flow, logistics and capital flow, building a station business district, is a wealth magnetic field with inherent advantages. With the eastern expansion of the city, Liansheng International Business Plaza occupies the core fortress of the eastern expansion of Wuhu City. It will be in the geometric center of Wuhu City in the future and become the link between the old and new cities. The road of wealth appreciation will be smooth.

Liansheng International Business Plaza, with a total construction area of about 190000 square meters, is a large-scale urban comprehensive business project integrating shopping, catering, leisure, entertainment, sports, culture and international hotel apartments. With the concept of international top experience business consumption, it joins hands with the world's top 500 enterprises and domestic well-known chain enterprises to gather large-scale life supermarkets, real ice skating rinks and five-star hotels Movie City, featured catering, digital electric city, constant temperature swimming pool, fitness center, badminton club, large fashion front line and other industries most needed by the city, to build Wuhu and even the whole Anhui province's large-scale international fashion consumption experience center. After completion, Liansheng International Commercial Plaza will become the commercial symbol of Wuhu and the commercial core of the whole city.