DJI Innovations
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Shenzhen DJI-Innovations (DJI), founded by Hong Kong University of Science and Technology graduate Wang Tao in 2006, is the world's leading R & D and production of unmanned aerial vehicle control systems and drone solutions Business, customers in more than 100 countries around the world. Through continuous innovation, DJI is committed to providing revolutionary intelligent flight control products and solutions with the strongest performance and the best experience for the drone industry, industrial users, and professional aerial photography applications.

DJI fully integrated the UAV flight control system, camera system, image transmission system and other modules into a centralized platform, creating a world-famous highly automated civil aerial photography integrated drone. The human-machine situation has made significant contributions to the entry of drones into ordinary households as ordinary consumer goods.

As of 2016, DJI has filed more than 1,500 patent applications worldwide and obtained more than 400 patent authorizations, covering fields including structural design of various parts of unmanned aerial vehicles, circuit systems, flight stability, wireless communication and control systems. In June 2017, he was selected as the MIT's Top 50 Smartest Companies in the World in 2017.