Weigao group
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Weigao was founded in 1988, with medical equipment and pharmaceutical industry as the main business, and implemented multi industry simultaneous development and linkage development. It has nine industrial groups and more than 80 production subsidiaries, including medical products, blood purification, orthopedics, biotechnology, pharmaceutical industry, intracardiac consumables, medical commerce, real estate, finance, etc. medical devices and drugs mainly include infusion consumables, blood transfusion equipment, intracardiac consumables, indwelling needles and various heteromorphic needles, blood purification equipment and consumables, orthopedic materials, surgical equipment and accessories, trauma care There are more than 50 series, more than 700 varieties and more than 80000 specifications, including management, surgical robots, minimally invasive instruments and equipment, ICU products and accessories, large volume injection and other drugs, nephrology products, biological diagnostic reagents, surgical sutures, dental implants, sensory control equipment and consumables, PVC and non PVC raw materials, Covering an area of more than 6 million square meters and a purification workshop of more than 2.6 million square meters, it has become a global manufacturer of complete, safe, reliable and reliable medical system solutions.