Zhonghai Jincheng
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Zhonghai Jincheng is located at the exit of Shangtang station of Shenzhen Metro, Longhua Meizhi street, Shenzhen. The commercial part is atmall shangtanghui.

The at mall built by Zhonghai Jincheng is not only a single consumer place, but also a residential life center, service center and social center. However, the few new business models adopted by at mall shangtanghui, i.e. '66 street of centralized box + situational theme block', will become the commercial label of at mall shangtanghui project, and more conducive to improving the core competitiveness of the project.

AT Mall shangtanghui plans and arranges with 'centralized box + theme block'. This new business space not only absorbs the essence of traditional business, but also integrates a large number of innovative business concepts and forms, organically integrating leisure and business. Its smooth moving line design not only enlivens the business space, making every shop perfectly displayed, but also creates comfort Shopping atmosphere, let consumers be easily led.

Through the first three floors to achieve seamless passenger flow contact, using the height difference of Jieyu road and Jianshang Road, the staggered layout is adopted to introduce more passenger flow. In addition, L1 and L2 are connected to the metro passenger flow active line, and the metro passenger flow can enter the project through these two floors, so as to gather popularity.