Beijing pingguoyuan subway station
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Pingguoyuan station is the earliest and oldest subway station in China, the starting station of Beijing Metro Line 1, and the longest Metro terminal in China. Since 1973, it has been the terminal station of Beijing Metro Line 1 open to the outside world. It was opened with Beijing Metro phase I project on April 23, 1973. The station number is 103. Earlier than Beijing Metro phase II project (1984), Shanghai Metro (1993). Apple garden station of Beijing Metro Line 1 is located between Apple Garden Road and South apple garden road. The station is close to Fushi road and South Apple Garden Road, and is a straight distance from Gucheng station of line 1 Two point four Km, 850m from Yangzhuang station of line 6. The north side of the station is a large residential area (Jinding street, model port, apple garden), and the south side is an office area and commercial area.

Apple garden transportation hub is located at the east side of the intersection of Fushi road and Apple Garden South Road, at the west end of Metro Line M1, about 3km away from the West Fifth Ring Road, covering an area adjacent to Apple Garden Road in the north, Fushi road in the south, Jinding East Road in the East and Guihua first road in the west, integrating rail transit (M1, M6, S1), brt4 and general public transport, including taxis, P + R, bicycles, etc The main construction land for the main project is about Four point eight Hectare, 5 supporting roads and 2 BRT ramps around. Apple Park transport hub will not only serve the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics, but also improve the transportation system in the western region of the capital.