Taiyuan Exhibition Center
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Shanxi International Exhibition Center is a subsidiary company of China (Taiyuan) coal trading center, located in the middle of the market area (No. 6, Changfeng West Street). The 'flying saucer' (also like the ancient 'jade wall') model building of the exhibition center represents the new concept of exhibition industry development under the background of modern technology and the good moral of 'soaring up to 90000 Li', with distinct urban landmark. The complex and exquisite 'double-layer intersecting line pipe truss steel structure system' of the building is the first application in Shanxi. The 'glass curtain cable dome structure' of the central exhibition hall is also rare in the country, which contains the beautiful vision of 'building a nest to attract the Phoenix' in Shanxi.

The whole exhibition hall can be divided into six independent exhibition areas and one central exhibition area. Each exhibition area is connected with the landing hall through an 18 meter public ring Corridor around the central exhibition area. The diameter of the circular central exhibition area is 50 meters. The other six exhibition areas and the landing hall are fan-shaped. The interior of the exhibition hall can be divided by activity partition, and independent exhibition areas of different areas can be provided according to the needs of the exhibitors.

Shanxi International Exhibition Center integrates exhibition, conference, information exchange, business negotiation and other functions, and can provide customers with one-stop services such as business, advertising, decoration, catering, leisure, entertainment, tourism, parking, transportation, storage, office, etc.