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Sinley International Limited is an investment holding company of sinley group, registered in the Cayman Islands and a limited liability company. Xinyi was listed on the stock exchange of Hong Kong in July 1991. After listing, the annual report of the company's business is profitable every year. Sinley group has a number of manufacturing and sales businesses:

Key parts of smart phone: high quality LCD products and components, touch screen and touch module, micro camera module.

It is used for PCB, soft PCB and plastic injection molding products of various application areas.

Production of consumer electronics, such as computers and tablets.

Personal care supplies and electrical appliances, including electric toothbrush, blood glucose meter, blood pressure meter and electronic thermometer.

Sinley International Limited was founded in Hong Kong in 1978. In 1986, Sinri first moved its production base from Hong Kong to China. In just a few years, Sinri has built a modern industrial production base of 440000 square meters in Shanwei City, Guangdong Province - Sinri industrial city. In 1991, sinley group was listed successfully in Hong Kong and in New York in 1994.