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Shenzhen Tairan Licheng is located in the northeast of chegongmiao area, Futian District, Shenzhen City, east of Tairan 7th Road, north to Tairan 2nd Road, South to Tairan 6th Road, West to Tairan 7th Road, east to phase II boundary.

The total construction land area of the project is 7944.48m2, of which the floor area is about 99000m2, the R & D building area is about 74000㎡, the office area is 12700m2, and some businesses and supporting facilities.

The office buildings around the project are numerous, which is one of the important business core circles in the original pass. In the future, the former Xiangmihu resort in the northeast of the project will be built into Xiangmihu Financial Street (now under demolition), with a promising prospect.

Most of the urban renewal planning of chegongmiao is for business office, such as Vanke Jiefu building, Tian'an digital city renewal unit, Metro Huitong building, Bojin Business Plaza and other projects. In the south, it borders on shangxiasha district across Binhe Road. Shangxiasha also has large-scale urban renewal planning at present, but most of them are residential, apartment and office complex projects, and some of them are under construction or have been completed. Among them, zhongzhouwan, which can be seen from the south of the project location, is one of the old renovation projects under construction, while Beijing base riverside era is an old renovation project that has been completed. The two areas connected by the overpass, as the complementation of the residential area and the business circle, strengthen the sustainable development of the two areas.