Beijing Beixiaoying
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Beixiaoying town is the host of rowing and canoeing competitions for the 29th Beijing Olympic Games in 2008. It is an important part of Hedong new area of Shunyi New City, and it is a timely start-up urban development reserve determined by the master plan. The population scale of the town is planned to be controlled as 50000 people. The west side is planned to be a residential area, and the east side is an industrial area.

The total number of existing households is 884, with a permanent population of 4824, and the total land area of the village is 3200 mu. In 2008, the total rural economic income of Beixiaoying village was about 400 million yuan, and the per capita labor income of farmers was 11812 yuan. There are 89 secondary and tertiary industry enterprises, including 7 large-scale enterprises. The main industries are garment processing, auto parts, catering services, warehouse transportation, etc., including Beijing yuntongtai Clothing Co., Ltd., Pingshan auto parts (Beijing) Co., Ltd., weisco auto optical system (Beijing) Co., Ltd., etc.