TCL Vietnam factory
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TCL responded to the one belt, one road initiative, and built Vietnam's new factory area of about 73 thousand square meters, with two phases. The first phase covers an area of about 51000 square meters and a building area of about 29000 square meters, mainly including the first phase plant, warehouse, office building of the new base and infrastructure of the new base. The total investment of the base is expected to exceed 360 million in total, and the output capacity of 1 million complete machines per year will be realized in the first phase; the digital production base integrating production and marketing will be expanded in the second phase. TCL Vietnam integrated manufacturing base is also the largest manufacturing base with the most complete production chain, digitalization and scale in the investment of Chinese TV brands in self built factories in Southeast Asia.

TCL Vietnam new complete machine integrated manufacturing base is located in Vietnam's second industrial zone (VSIP II-A) in Singapore, Pingyang Province, which is adjacent to Ho Chi Minh City in the south of Vietnam. The plant covers an area of about 73000 square meters. The base is expected to be constructed in two phases, of which the first phase is planned to invest about 250 million yuan to achieve an annual output capacity of 1 million complete machines; The total investment has exceeded 360 million yuan in the second phase, with an additional investment of 110 million yuan. After expansion, the annual output capacity of 3 million complete machines will be achieved, providing more advanced and high-quality products and services for more consumers in Vietnam and the world. TCL will continue to take root in Vietnam, create a bright future of 'made in Vietnam' with the Vietnamese people, and contribute to the local economic development.

The construction of this new base marks that Vietnam, as a regional manufacturing center, has gained a strategic and important position in TCL's global development. This also strengthens TCL's long-term commitment to Vietnam market.

TCL's integrated manufacturing base in Vietnam will supply products for Vietnam market, Southeast Asia market including Philippines and Thailand and other markets, helping to meet the growing demand for high-quality TV.