Dongyangguang Group
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Dongyangguang is a high-tech large-scale joint-stock enterprise full of hope and vitality, which is building a century old base industry. It has more than 20000 employees. It is mainly engaged in three major industries: biomedicine, electronic materials and health care. It has six bases in Dongguan, Shaoguan, Yichang, Hubei, Linzhi, Tibet, Zunyi, Guizhou and Ulanchab, Inner Mongolia. It has dongyangke, Hong Kong Two listed companies of dongyangyao.

The company actively promotes system innovation and legal management of enterprises. The general outline of more than 600000 words is the constitution of the company, the cornerstone of a hundred year plan, and provides institutional guarantee for the steady and rapid development of enterprises. In 2009, the company carried out share reform, established long-term equity, technology project equity, operating equity, and many senior managers of the headquarters, subsidiaries and factories became shareholders of Dongguang We have established a modern enterprise with legal management, perfect R & D system, and perseverance of constant producers. The company always takes 'an army capable of fighting, a school for training talents, and a harmonious and friendly family' as the goal of organization construction. While building material civilization, we strive to shape the character of 'loyalty, rules, planning and innovation' of dongyangren, so as to achieve our goal The vision of 'doing something in the middle, providing for the elderly, and relying on the small' is to vigorously develop the core technology research and development of the real economy.