Water supply system

Full automatic constant pressure variable frequency water supply equipment

1、Product overview

JDHBS series constant pressure variable frequency water supply equipment is a kind of multi-functional water supply equipment. The equipment adopts the technology of variable frequency speed regulation and special industrial computers to control the water pump unit in the water supply system in a closed-loop way. According to the parameters of the instantaneous change value of the flow and the corresponding pressure value in the water supply system, after being processed by the analog quantity module of the industrial control computer, the frequency converter is controlled to automatically adjust the rotation speed of the water pump, and the number of water pump starts is controlled to maintain the set constant pressure in the water supply network, so as to meet the requirements of energy-saving water supply. For the circulating water system, the water output of the circulating pump can also be controlled by temperature and other parameters to achieve the purpose of energy-saving. The special feature of JDHBS series constant pressure variable frequency water supply equipment and other manufacturers is that buffers are added in the design to realize the most energy-saving configuration. Buffers keep the system pressure for a certain period of time when the system water consumption is small or not so that all water supply pumps automatically stop; when the water consumption increases, they automatically startup. If there is no buffer in the design, the water pump must be used to maintain the system pressure and power consumption when the system water consumption is small or no water is used. Because of the incompressibility of water, even if the pressure maintaining and pump stopping function are set, when there is microleakage, the pressure will decrease greatly, and the water pump will start immediately. The longer the working condition is in a day, the more useless work will be consumed, while the JDHBS series of constant pressure frequency conversion water supply equipment can make you have no work to pay.

Water supply system

  • The constant voltage inverter control cabinet controls each water pump to operate at both frequency conversion and power frequency. Multiple pumps are started in turn, which has no impact on the pipe network and power grid, thus prolonging the service life of the equipment.

  • Fully automatic operation, no need to be on duty, multiple groups of water pumps automatically supplement and reduce pumps according to the change of water consumption, and regularly automatically exchange operation; when using water quantity is small or the water is not used, the equipment will automatically shut down and maintain the pressure, further saving energy, and automatically start up when the water consumption is increased.

  • The operation data can be displayed, with beautiful appearance, convenient operation, and flexibility. All the operation data can be changed through the field debugging parameters. With the water level control interface, it can control several water level signals and has the functions of ultra-low water level stop pump, ultra-high water level alarm, etc.

  • JDHBS series frequency conversion water supply equipment is designed with buffer, which not only has buffer effect but also reduces or even eliminates the impact of water hammer, thus greatly extending the service life of the equipment.

  • Using PLC, it has strong anti-interference ability, flexible control, and can easily add various functions. It has the function of CO display of set pressure and actual pressure.

Water supply system

No negative pressure water supply equipment

1、Product overview

With the acceleration of urbanization construction and the gradual improvement of living conditions of residents, in order to meet the needs of a well-off society, residential areas, organs, schools, hospitals A series of buildings such as hotels and hotels continue to be built, expanded and reconstructed, with higher and higher floors. However, the pressure of the water pipe network is seriously insufficient, and the problem of water consumption for residents is increasingly serious. In addition, the traditional way is to repair pools, build pump rooms and add large-scale water tank facilities, and then use secondary water supply methods such as air pressure or frequency conversion water supply, which results in a large investment in facilities and takes up a large amount of water Building area: when the tap water is put into the pool or water tank for storage for a period of time, secondary water pollution will occur, because the water in the pool is often polluted by sundries, sediment, dirt and even animal corpses, and the water quality in summer is easy to deteriorate and taste, causing great harm to human health. In order to eliminate the secondary pollution, many units have invested a lot of money to increase disinfection equipment and assign special personnel for monitoring and equipment management and maintenance. On the other hand, they put the original tap water with pressure into the pool, so that the pressure can become zero, and then start to meet the floor water supply from zero pressure, so that the original energy of tap water is wasted. In order to solve the above problems, our company has designed and developed the non-negative pressure frequency conversion pressurized water supply equipment, which makes the water supply not only environmental protection, energy-saving, land occupation, and investment saving, but also better solves the high-rise water supply problem, conforms to the provisions of the national urban water supply regulations, avoids the embarrassment of directly installing water pumps on the urban water supply pipelines, and creates a new era in the water supply field.


2、Working principle

When the tap water pressure meets the user's demand, the tap water from the pipe network first enters the non-negative pressure device and enters the system through the bypass pipeline. When the pressure is lower than the user's requirements, the equipment automatically starts the frequency conversion pump to make the pressurization system run and maintain the constant pressure water supply of the system. The higher the tap water pressure is, the lower the speed of the frequency conversion pump is, the smaller the power is, the lower the energy consumption is, and vice versa; A negative pressure controller is installed in the negative pressure-free device to stabilize the pressure of the negative pressure-free device so as to ensure the normal water supply of the water pipeline. If the tap water is cut off, the equipment with water shortage protection will automatically shut down, the tap water will be restored, and the equipment will automatically restore the water supply.

3、Product features

environment-friendlyavoid secondary pollution of tap water

Energy efficient: make full use of the water pressure of the original pipe network

Use funds economically: small footprint, no need to build water pool or water tank

Legitimate: comply with the requirements of urban pipe network regulations, and avoid pumping water directly from urban pipe network.

Convenient: there is no need for water pool and water tank. After the equipment enters the plant, it only needs to connect the water inlet and outlet and the control cabinet to realize full-automatic operation.

Labor saving: there is no need for special guard.

Versatility: all functions and features of traditional frequency conversion water supply equipment.

Water supply system