Water treatment system

Sidestream processor

The bypass water processor is developed on the basis of the original full flow water processor. Based on the principle of superimposed pulse low-voltage electric field, the output signal is automatically adjusted according to the change of water quality. After being processed by the bypass water processor, the aggregation degree of water molecules decreases and the structure changes, such as water molecules. With the increase of dipole distance, polarity and surface tension, the scale dissolving ability of water molecules can be achieved and the purpose of scale removal can be achieved. Under the action of the electrode, the processor produces a large number of microcrystals with excellent anti-scaling function. These crystals can remove scaling ions in water and form loose aragonite crystals, which are eliminated by the automatic drain valve. The water treated by the processor is activated by dissolved oxygen. Under the electrolysis of the electrode, a large number of OH-, o-pressure-02 and a large number of active oxygen substances are produced in the water. These substances have strong oxidation, which can completely kill the microorganisms and various algae in the water, so as to achieve the excellent function of bacteria and algae removal and prevent the formation of scale. At the same time, a large amount of active oxygen produced by the processor will oxidize the system pipe wall step by step, forming a dense oxide film, such as Fe3O4 oxide film, passivating the system pipe wall, thus inhibiting the corrosion of the pipe, increasing the service life of the system, and achieving the effect of equipment Anti-corrosion. The bypass water processor is applicable to a thousand central air conditioning cooling, refrigerant water system, refrigeration circulating water system, industrial cooling circulating water system, various heat exchange systems and cooling tower systems.



Integrated water treatment unit

The whole process integrated water treatment unit is a comprehensive equipment with multiple functions including scale removal, scale prevention, sterilization, algae control, corrosion prevention and super clean filtration. Using the energy of quotient frequency wave and specific frequency spectrum, under the effect of corona field, the whole process integrated water treatment unit can achieve the purpose of scale prevention, scale removal, sterilization and algae elimination by filtering out the dirt, suspended solids and bacteria streams in the water. The water quality is treated by pure physical method, without the chemical agent, with low resistance, large flow, low operation cost, simple operation and convenient maintenance. The whole process integrated water processor is applicable to a thousand central air conditioning circulating water systems, industrial cooling circulating water system, heat exchange system, hot water boiler system, production and domestic water supply system.


Intelligent online dosing device

An intelligent on-line dosing device is a group of equipment matched with central air conditioning circulating water treatment, including intelligent control box, dosing metering pump, dosing barrel, optional on-line control instrument, etc. The dosing pump is controlled by the time control switch, and regularly adds the bactericide and algaecide, corrosion and scale inhibitor to the system to prevent the growth of bacteria and algae, so as to achieve the effect of bactericide and algaecide, scale and scale control. The intelligent on-line dosing device can add chemicals to the circulating water system regularly, regularly and automatically, which greatly reduces the labor volume, realizes scientific management and reduces the operation cost. An intelligent online dosing device is widely used in central air conditioning and circulating cooling water system, industrial cooling water system, power plant circulating water system, coastal industry fishery circulating water system, etc.


Physical and chemical water treatment unit

The physicochemical whole process water processor is a new practical product which uses thousands of circulating water for treatment. Through the comprehensive treatment of water system, it can thoroughly solve the problems left by the suspended solids and the problems that the effect of physical treatment method is not obvious, and can effectively prevent the scaling, corrosion, biological slime, etc It is the most effective circulating water treatment equipment nowadays. 'Physicochemical whole process water treatment' breaks the conventional concept of water treatment technology, adopts the comprehensive treatment process technology combining physical and chemical methods, mainly based on physical field treatment, according to the system requirements, make-up water quality, environment, temperature and other technical parameters, assisted by different chemical methods, effectively control and regulate the water quality, which can be used as the unit By combining the advantages of the physical method and chemical method, the total operation cost is five times of the single traditional dosing method, which fundamentally solves the problem that a single physical method or a single chemical method cannot solve because the water quality is clean and complex.


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