CZZMES is located in the middle layer of the overall informatization of the production enterprise. It is a key link covering the production site, and also a key tool connecting the preceding and the following to integrate various systems and functional equipment. Intelligent manufacturing should be based on the software of the manufacturing execution management system, which mainly helps the production management personnel to improve their management ability, realize the informatization of production management, and enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise. The key point is to achieve the intelligent and visualization of real-time manufacturing performance monitoring and real-time operation.

Main functions of CZZMES

1、Data acquisition (connect the system interface to collect process parameters and production data);

2、Production planning and scheduling, advanced scheduling, scheduling, resource allocation;

3、Process parameter management;

4、Real time dynamic visualization Kanban (SPC, etc.);

5、Operation staff management;

6、Quality management (products, tooling, etc.);

7、Early warning and alarm management;

8、Equipment (mold) management (maintenance, spot check, maintenance);

9、Performance analysis;

10、Product tracking and traceability.


Benefits of CZZMES system

1、The manufacturing execution process is transparent and visualized to realize management improvement.

2、Shorten production cycle and improve production efficiency.

3、Improve the quality of products and deal with abnormalities in time.

4、Reduce production costs.

5、Improve employee efficiency.

6、Improve investment efficiency.