Problems of condenser heat transfer in CZZVBT central air conditioning system

Huge energy consumption

Cooling effect decreases

High temperature difference of heat exchange

heat transfer coefficient of condenser decreases


A thorough solution to dirt

CZZVBT - condenser automatic online cleaning device is a new physical online automatic cleaning method. Take the central air-conditioning system for example. People use a specified number of rubber balls Ball) is generally placed into the receiver and launcher according to 30% - 50% of the number of condenser pipes. The ball is sprayed into the main water pipe by the power of the service water pump (generally 6 hours once, including 5 cycles). Under the action of cooling water, the ball passes through the copper pipe of the condenser, and the inner wall of the ball is wiped to remove the dirt on the pipe wall. The rubber ball is recycled in the ball trap, and then enters the receiving and serving machine, waiting for the next launch. The whole process is controlled by the intelligent control system, self-cleaning, no need to increase the manpower. The launch time interval can be set, with a minimum interval of 20 minutes. If it is cleaned once every 6 hours, it can be cleaned 20 times every 24 hours. There will be no scaling in the copper tube, which can effectively ensure that the central air conditioning maintains the best cooling effect, achieving the effect of saving time, labor, people, electricity, reducing the use of the chemical solution, helping to improve the environment, etc.

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