Team members cover the whole chain of e-commerce, sales management, new retail, marketing, brand building and event planning. They are all 

senior professionals or front-line employees in the corresponding fields, with super practical abilities.

Scope of services

Intelligent manufacturing division provides more professional machine networking, big data, MES products, RFID applications, three-dimensional warehouse solutions and related information technology services. Main services: automotive, plastic, metal stamping, mold, electronic and other industries.

Rubber ball cleaning is used in air compressor cooler, air conditioner condenser, power plant condenser, chemical plant heat exchanger. Main service scope: building, hospital, hotel, power plant, chemical industry, alumina, petroleum, salt industry, papermaking, sugar manufacturing, pharmaceutical and other industries.

Service idea

Attentive service, ease of purchase and ease of use.

Service team

We sincerely adhere to the service concept of 'service with heart, purchase with ease, use with ease', ensure the quality and good reputation of CZZ brand, and provide customers with satisfactory pre-sales and after-sales service with consistent service enthusiasm. If you encounter any problems in the process of cooperation, please communicate with our staff. We are willing to provide you with the most professional intelligent system and energy saving and emission reduction product services. For this reason, the company has formulated a series of plans for customer service, including planning, design, field survey, equipment debugging and installation, maintenance and return visit, etc. we strive to achieve first-class products and services.


Presales design

According to the actual needs of customers for product selection, we can also design and customize according to the special requirements of customers, and provide customers with a systematic design process, so as to truly design a satisfactory and reasonable product for customers.

Sales tracking

In the sales process, the production process of the product is tracked at all times, and the production cycle is shortened as far as possible while the product quality is guaranteed. In addition, the company's senior technical personnel are sent to the customer for free to assist the customer in designing the construction scheme, so as to make the construction scheme reasonable and cost-effective.

After-sale service

To provide users with fast, accurate and intimate services. Send professional after-sales service personnel free of charge to the site to guide the customer's installation and debugging until it is successful, and be responsible for training the operators to master certain technical common sense and maintenance skills until the customer can fully operate by himself.

Service process