Energy saving master of air compressor

1、Current situation of air compressor

Dust, moisture, bacteria, oxygen and some harmful acid gases in the atmosphere continuously enter the cooling system of the heat exchange system from the cooling tower. Over time, the cooling system will produce dirt, rust, rust residue and biological slime produced by the continuous propagation of microorganisms, which will reduce the cold capacity of pipe blockage, waste electric energy, even overpressure shutdown, directly damage the host and shorten the use of the host Therefore, the water quality treatment of cooling system is urgent.



The cleaning and maintenance of cooler mainly refers to the cleaning and maintenance of circulating water system. The water system of air compressor is mainly cooling water system, in which the cooling water system mainly relies on cooling tower for heat dissipation. Water splashes into innumerable small water drops in the cooling tower or flows on the surface of the packing in a film form, fully contacting with the air, bringing a large number of dust, microorganism, soluble salt and corrosive gas into the cooling water, increasing the impurity concentration in the water; in addition, due to the continuous evaporation, leakage and dispersion of the water, the impurity concentration in the water also increases, which will give the operation belt of the cooling water system A lot of harm. As for the cooling water, it is easy to block the heat exchange pipe, corrode the unit and pipeline accessories, and affect the normal operation of the system.

Energy saving master of air compressor

2、Principle of cooling water on air compressor

The cooling water system of air compressor is composed of cooler, cooling water tank, cooling water tower, water pump, cylinder cooling water jacket, water flow meter, water temperature alarm device and control device. When the air compressor is working, because the air is compressed and the temperature rises with it, the heat is directly absorbed by the cylinder sleeve. In order to prevent the cylinder sleeve and piston from overheating, the temperature must be controlled within a certain range, so the water circulation cooling system is added. Through the analysis of the status quo of air compressor cooling water system operation by many research institutions at home and abroad, it shows that there are serious waste, scaling and corrosion in the actual operation of the system. The data shows that 1 mm thick scale will reduce the cooling capacity by 20-40%, and 1 mm scale will consume 20-30% more power.

Energy saving master of air compressor

Cooling effect of gas compression process and its influence on energy consumption of compressor.

3、CZZVBT working principle

According to the working principle of air compressor cooling water system, CZZVBT, an automatic online cleaning energy-saving system independently developed by CZZ, can effectively block the generation of scale through physical methods and completely solve the impact of scale on the cooling water system.

According to 30% ~ 50% of the number of condensing pipes, put rubber sponge balls into the launcher, spray the balls into the main water pipe with the power of water pump (generally 6 hours once, including 5 cycles, with a minimum interval of 20 minutes). Under the action of cooling water, the balls pass through the copper pipe of the cooler, and rub the inner wall of the balls to remove the dirt on the pipe wall. The catcher takes back the ball, automatically puts it into the server and waits for the next launch. The whole cycle is controlled by the intelligent robot system, no need for human intervention, and the copper tube will not scale.

Heat exchanger is the most important part of air pressure system, which determines the operation effect of the whole system. The generation of dirt in the condensing pipe reduces the cross-sectional area of the water pipe, limits the water flow in the condensing pipe, and thus reduces the cooling effect. CZZVBT automatic online cleaning energy-saving system can ensure high efficiency and low energy consumption operation.


4、CZZVBT customization considerations

1. Structure and working condition of cooler

2. Circulating water parameters

3. Heat exchanger parameters and structure

4. Equipment and pipeline layout related to CZZVBT

5、Energy saving effect of CZZVBT in air compressor

The ball collection rate is 100%, and the energy saving rate is more than 10%.

In order to ensure the long-term and efficient operation of the heat exchanger, it is recommended that the air compressor cooler be installed with the automatic online cleaning and energy saving device CZZVBT.