Guangdong Alumni Association of Anyang Institute of technology visited CZZ

On December 8, Wang Zhen, vice president of Guangdong Alumni Association and general manager of Hairong cold chain of Anyang Institute of technology, yuan FangHai, vice president of Dongguan water cube decoration company, Wang Dong, vice president, Pei HONGNA, Secretariat and other 8 people came to Shenzhen chengzhizhen company. The leaders of the Alumni Association were warmly received by Li Fushan, President of Guangdong Alumni Association of Anyang Institute of technology, general manager of chengzhizhen company, Gao Fei, vice president of weikema company, Li Yonggang, Xie Ming, Secretary General Li pan, supervisor general Zhou Jimian and employees of chengzhizhen company. President Li made a report on the current situation and industry prospect of the enterprise, the cooperation between the University and the enterprise, and the promotion of the work of Guangdong Alumni Association of Institute of safety and engineering machinery.


Leaders of Guangdong Alumni Association pay close attention to the progress of school enterprise cooperation, encourage them to grasp the opportunity of scientific and technological progress, continue to develop the enterprise into a banner enterprise combining high-tech, energy saving and environmental protection in Dawan District, and hope to lead the alumni in their respective regions to work together!


Accompanied by President Li, I visited the office environment of the company, and introduced in detail the development process, product service, technical research and development strength and innovative application of the company.


As a national high-tech enterprise and Shenzhen high-tech enterprise, chengzhizhen will continue to launch a series of new products through independent research and development, school enterprise cooperation, production, learning and research transformation, not only to realize automatic online cleaning system backwashing, but also to implant the system into chips, so that the system is intelligent, data-based and visual.

Finally, the leaders of the Alumni Association decided

1、Hold another annual meeting in Shenzhen for alumni to get together.

2、Help the safety work and promote the guidance for the employment of new graduates.

3、Increase friendship with safety workers.

4、Develop the alumni for profit project, promote the construction of the Alumni Association, and start again from the strategic layout.